Did you know.....

....that Central Counties Bank was not the only birthday well wisher
with the "special" HAPPY 125th PENN STATE button in 1980?
There were no less than 3 other banks joining the party:


(birthday button photos courtesy of Paul D. Harro)

With that being said, then just why is that
1980 CCB birthday button so "special" ?
Isn't it time to de-classify the "Happy 125th" button as an official
button in the PSU football game day button collection?
(After all they took Pluto's planetary status away, didn't they?)

At least the "special" buttons of 1978 had something to do
with football even if they weren't game day buttons:


What's so "special" about everybody doing the same thing?
Besides, if "Happy 125th" is an official button, then why aren't
the two "blood" buttons shown here in the official 1983 collection?
Blood has more to do with football than birthdays!
(Can you tell I took Logic 101?)

(This photo taken at the Citizens Bank administrative offices on Science Park Road, State College)

Here's a better look at the PSU blood button:

Now that I've created a "bloody" mess with the birthday button
declassification, I'll bleed out with some more blood buttons:

(what a shameless, pitiful segue, huh?)